LINDEN FLOWER herbal tea / 30g


Tilia cordata.

25 g / 24 cups of tea

Linden Flower herbal tea opens up your feminine side. There is a lot of tenderness and gentleness in linden flowers. Linden flower tea comforts you during a stressful period. It also helps with mild digestive issues. Drink linden flower herbal tea to reduce fever when having a cold. Inhale hot linden flower steam in case of upper respiratory catarrh, or gargle it. Add linden flowers to your bath water to relieve muscle tightness. Linden flower infusion helps bleach freckles and nevus.

Net worth: ca 25g.

Ingredients: linden flower herbs (Tilia cordata).

Preparation: take 1 table spoon of herbs, and cover with hot water (80-90°C). Let it settle for 5 minutes, and then drain. Enjoy your tea!

Usage: drink warm whenever you feel like it. You can also add honey or sugar.

Preservation: keep safe from children. Store in a dry place. Avoid sunlight.

Storage life: 6 months after initial opening.


linden flower herbs (Tilia cordata).

6 months after initial opening.

Keep protected from direct sunlight.

Weight 0,38 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 8,4 cm
LINDEN FLOWER herbal tea / 30g
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