LADY’S MANTLE herbal tea / 25g


Alchemilla Vulgaris.

25 g / 24 cups of tea

Lady’s Mantle is a well-known herb for women, relieving period-related issues, supporting women after birthing, enhancing recovery, and inducing breastmilk production. Lady’s Mantle also relieves inflammations, especially bladder and urinary tract related. This herb will be of help when you are struggling with respiratory discomfort, thanks to its expectorant qualities, and it is also capable of relieving mild diarrhoea. You can use Lady’s Mantle in a compress in case of allergic skin damage.

This little fairies’ and alchemists’ herb will support you in your womanhood in its uniquely magical and mystical way.

Net worth: ca 25g.

Ingredients: lady’s mantle herbs (Alchemilla Vulgaris).

Preparation: take 1 tbl spoon of herbs, and cover with hot water (80-90°C). Let it settle for 5 minutes, and then drain. Enjoy your tea!

Usage: drink warm whenever you feel like it. You can also add honey or sugar.

Preservation: keep safe from children. Store in a dry place. Avoid sunlight.

Storage life: 6 months after initial opening.

lady’s mantle herbs (Alchemilla Vulgaris).

6 months after initial opening.

Keep protected from direct sunlight.

Weight 0,38 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 8,4 cm
LADY’S MANTLE herbal tea / 25g
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